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Rec Tech Solutions is an Independent Technology Consultancy to the Recruitment Services Industry

Rec Tech Solutions is an independent Technology consultancy to the Recruitment Services Industry.

Our business strategy is to stay ahead of the curve to help you implement the right solutions for your specific needs. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of “What’s New”, but also “What’s Next” for our dynamic industry and aim to help you

  • Grow your bottom line
  • Future-proof your business
  • Enhance your brand and value proposition
  • Drive Internal and external engagement
  • Optimize business operational efficiency
  • Maximize candidate and client experiences

With a strong understanding of labour markets, and in-depth knowledge of strategic recruitment methodologies and industry trends, and powered by the “Industry and Global first” Skop.es platform, Rec Tech Solutions supports Recruitment Agencies through robust requirements gathering analysis and in-depth consultation to help you make the best most informed decisions around operational software for your front and middle office requirements.
From Recruitment Management Systems, Payroll and Contingent Workforce Management platforms, to bespoke tool integrations and leading edge enhancements, Rec Tech Solutions can help you solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology.

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What You can Expect from Us

At Rec Tech we know every business’ needs are different. That’s why our focus isn’t on ‘Recruitment 101’, but on acknowledging and respecting your business’s unique DNA.

For us, it’s not just about the sale. We’re truly passionate about recruitment and human resources. We’re also privileged to be in a position where we can positively affect the outcomes of your business. So although we are a sales organisation, our primary focus is helping you make the right decisions for yourself, your staff, and your candidates and clients.

Our values directly reflect our passion for improving our clients’ businesses

We believe doing the right thing by others leads to good things in return. So we run our business according to these core values:

  • Understanding – We’ll always listen to the details
  • Integrity – We’re committed to respecting your privacy and maintaining high standards of confidentiality
  • Knowledge – We keep an ear to the ground, ensuring we’re at the forefront of software solutioning
  • Approachability – We’re always personable, never intimidating or judgmental
  • Respect – We’ll always treat you as we’d like to be treated
  • Authenticity – Our approach is always genuine