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Read the Case Studies below to find out more about the great results that Rec Tech Solutions has achieved with their clients.


Ochre Recruitment

To shorten and improve candidates’ registration and on-boarding processes to improve competition by increasing speed to market for PSA contracts.  Read more

The Recruitment Company

To effectively manage the change of an embedded CRM system, whilst ensuring the new system selection process is rigorous and considers their strategy of delivering a value added, cutting-edge technology solution to their clients. Read more

healthcare-recruitmentAllied Health and Nursing Recruitment Provider

Over the past five years the Clinical and Allied Health recruitment sector experienced an influx of new agencies competing for this business, and the industry experiencing a widening gap between qualified and experienced candidates and the number of vacancies sought by client organizations. The resultant talent shortages have developed into a need for speed to market to ensure business success and development. Read more

blue-collar-recruitmentStart Blue Collar Recruitment Business

Without a dedicated office space until they became profitable, Secured Signing offered PKI digital signature technology to create compliant eForms for candidate and client processes. Their immediate access to regional and international candidate markets via the eForms gave them candidate reach and a competitive edge in sourcing activities in the highly competitive Mining sector. Read more


mining-recruitmentMajor Global Mining House

A comprehensive review of their existing problems and contractual requirements resulted in the change-out of their existing platform which was not delivering the appropriate sourcing channels, lack of reporting and analytical data around gender/ skills etc. Read more

blue-collar-employerNational, Mid-Tier Blue-Collar Recruitment Business

An investigation and analysis of their current recruitment processes and technology capabilities were undertaken, with the resulting scope including implementation of an RMS integrated to several web platforms, providing them with automation options that significantly improved their productivity. Read more

hospitality-recruitmentMultinational Hospitality Organization / Internal Recruitment Function

A multi-national Hospitality Services organisation has identified their newly established internal recruitment function has dramatically increased the business’ consumption of paper and ink over the past two financial periods. Read more

asian-recruitment-companyLarge Multi-National Recruitment Agency in Asia

MNRA Asia has been struggling to match their growth with the current systems in use. The instability of network connection in Thailand has required multiple instances of their RMS, resulting in sluggish system performance and low user acceptance among their consulting employees. Read more