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Webinar Schedule 2018

Wed, Mar 14, 2018. 10:00 – 10:45 AM AEST

Free Webinar | Manage Damage 

Workcover Insurance – How to Protect / Re-Gain Your Margins! | With Jillian Hamilton from Manage Damage

Workcover Insurance can be high and can ruin margins in Labour Hire – It is important to understand how you can benefit by good management.
By the end of this session you will learn:

• Labour Hire Insurance is Hard.
• State by State.
• Check how much you Pay?
• 10% WHAT?
• How are they Calculated?
• What is a WIC Code?
• How can I re-gain Margin?

Jillian Hamilton is the Managing Director of Manage Damage, an Australian risk management advisory firm; Jillian has an extensive career across many industries and saw the need to approach safety and risk in a new way. The result is the philosophy of Risk Dollarisation™ where Non-Financial Risks as managed by a Financial Approach. This results in the true cost of business risk being quantified which creates an environment where it is marked, measured and managed. Manage Damage has saved organisations millions of dollars in damage costs.

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Past webinars

Wed, July 12, 2017. 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM AEST

Free Webinar | Ratescalc.com

Ratescalc.com – Saving your temp staff and payroll hours of paperwork! | With Col Levander from Rec Tech Solutions

Recruitment Teams consist of a diverse set of skills and experience – your Consultants may be amazing salespeople but can be left struggling to find the right data to input and manually calculate the rate.

Many Recruiters do not have the ability or inclination to accurately price business, relying on you, their colleagues or your payroll team to help them build quotations. In our time-poor industry, the stress when one of your team is frantically trying to figure out how to win new business can be felt by the whole office.

The accuracy of a quotation process can often make the difference between retaining clients and contractors, meeting your budget or not, and in some cases result in penalties for incorrect payroll interpretations or billing errors.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017. 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM AEST

Free Webinar | Secured Signing

Secured Signing – Why you NEED it and how to get it! | With Col Levander from Rec Tech Solutions

Efficient electronic signing with the best security features on the market! Join us to see how many Recruiters are now benefiting from the use of Secured Signing in their day-to-day.

Recruitment companies and HR departments depend on the timely, accurate, and complete turnaround of compulsory paperwork to meet their customers’ needs and industry’s requirements. Compliance and process warranty are crucial, along with operational efficiency and flexibility. Secured Signing’s customised e-Form workflow and eSigning solutions facilitate prompt, lawful, and secure use of eSignatures that automate the business process, eliminate the paper trail, and create competitive advantages within the industry.

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