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Introducing ratescalc.com™ – Utopia in the Contingent Workforce Supply Chain

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Obtaining the correct information at the cold face of the sales call to provide a quotation is critical at the commencement of your relationship with your new client. Even after asking all the right questions, upon return to the office after a great sales meeting, a recruiter is often left chasing help to locate and understand a spreadsheet calculator, finding the right data to input and manually calculating the rate.

If there is something you forgot to ask in the ‘rush’ after securing a new opportunity, you may also find your intended first impression on the client is less than ideal as they bristle with multiple contacts as you chase information to ensure their quote is accurate (and hopefully competitive).

Errors at any stage of the pre-sales process can often make the difference between retaining clients and contractors, meeting your budget or not, and in some cases result in penalties for incorrect payroll interpretations or billing errors.

The obvious benefits of a piece of software that removes the guess-work and variables of off-the-cuff quotations has resulted in the development of ratescalc.com™, an online platform to build accurate quotations, anywhere, anytime to both a Fixed Dollar, Gross Margin or Mark-Up.

ratescalc.com™ has been designed to solve a range of issues all too familiar to any Contemporary Workforce Agency and help ensure your sales pipelines and forecasts are accurate and achievable, whilst reducing the likelihood of errors that will impact business relationships.

The CWF problems that ratescalc.com™ solves*
  • Process enhancement of the most common, error-prone areas of your businessA rc-logofully maintained web service application available 24-7, 365 days a year
  • Timely, accurate quotations available electronically to efficiently secure new business
  • Stress free contractor, temporary, full time or fixed term employee pay runs
  • Error free Client invoicing and payment and reduction in costs of recovering unpaid invoices
  • Margin Leakage Reduction

*subject to accurate time-sheet interpretation

With comprehensive help text, covering over 50 Federal Awards and system capability which enables the upload of your clients’ unique EBA’s, ratescalc.com™ also removes the worries of payroll interpretation via the availability of up-to-date data maintained by a credible source. The need for multiple spreadsheets,Businesswoman having an headache time spent scratching around to present a quote and worry regarding the profitability and accuracy of newly priced business are now eliminated.

By automating a solution to the many issues that Contemporary Workforce agencies experience in supporting their clients, ratescalc.com™ is set to revolutionise the efficiency of your services and your bottom line.

Your consultants will feel confident in attacking that next big project or tender, as they will ensure all vital piece of information by utilising our guides – and your Payroll team will thank you for their reduced reconciliation workloads.

Visit our Solutions menu and the ratescalc.com™ website for a more detailed view of the benefits of this new Recruitment Industry First development to your business