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The Why and How of the Recruitment Yarns Experience

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Some people love a good yarn, so much so that they may even find themselves tangled in it and a little off track when discussing subjects that they’re really passionate about (insert self-depreciating wink here!).

Why should YOU come to Yarns?

The Recruitment industry constantly changing, from legislative changes, engagement, procurement, the new world and way of work, technology, gig economies, bots and so on… Today’s market in total is moving at a rate of knots with the Recruitment Industry renowned for its frenetic pace. But more than just sinking or swimming, our environment has changed and many agencies find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place balancing operational and strategic or developmental demands.

Taking a full day out of the office is NEVER easy in our industry; the phone rings, emails ping and there is always the need (or temptation!) to knuckle down and fight fires until the flames go out! In doing this, there’s real danger in becoming disconnected and disengaged from what’s going on in your industry by only focusing inward, and so time management and prioritisation have taken on new significance in our industry – and its’ those who master it that will be the winners.

With so much peripheral noise out there through digital media channels it’s difficult to know what noise to actually listen to! The biggest threat to your business and our industry however, are the behaviours of ignorance, impassivity and the she’ll be right mentality – accepting that you can’t afford the time to work ON your business instead of in it means your race may already have been run.

Why we created Yarns!

As service providers, mentors, thought leaders, disruptors, trail blazers whatever term you wish to give the hosts (which will be yours and only your opinion possibly after you meet them) will provide a unique forum to answer a lot of the succinct questions you need to ask that using DR Google or ASK.com cannot provide – without the “sales pitch”!

The hosts and sponsors of Recruitment Yarns have come together out of a sheer love and passion for our industry, and are here to help give you back some of your time through relevant, free, external training. So, do yourself a favour, show yourself love and give yourself and team an experience that will only help you to #LearnShareThrive!

Registrations are still open for Recruitment Yarns Australia & New Zealand with Sydney kicking off on the 9th of May, then onwards to Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Albury Wodonga, Christchurch and Auckland still yet to come! Places are limited, so get your registrations sorted here today!
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