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Why Recruitment Yarns is committed to the Regions

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Recruitment Yarns rates the Regions

Regional Map NSW VIC

Why Yarns thought Albury Wodonga was a great region to visit!

Recruitment Yarns has been committed to visiting regional centres in both years since our inception in 2016. This is due partially to an understanding of how population growth and soaring cost of living prices in urban locations is contributing in kind to the expansion of ‘feeder hubs’ of towns and regions the likes of Albury Wodonga, the Central NSW coast, northern Queensland and even Adelaide, and Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand.

These geographies, though disparate from each other hold some key things in common for regional recruitment agencies considering how to best manage growth, change, economic impact and the evolving needs of their clients. This even before the challenges of executing their talent attraction strategies in a sometimes demographically incompatible and often forcibly transient candidate pool. The increasing need of regional employers engaging recruitment agency services, combined with a number of factors has created a highly competitive market underscored by:

  • A spike of agile, digitally enabled start-up agencies
  • Hybrid solutions such as those provided by The Personnel Group offering long term, subsidised engagement relevant to and established within local industry
  • An influx of local branches for global brands seeking to capitalise on the economic conditions stimulating demand in regional

Reflecting on the challenges of talent, growth, competition and geography in Recruitment

Steve Shiel LinkedIn Profile

Steve Shiel from The Personnel Group

Employer Engagement Manager of The Personnel Group Steve Shiel, is a local boy and experienced Employment Industry professional who returned home from London 8 years ago after leaving to pursue his career. Reflecting on the level of competition now apparent in the North-Eastern Victorian and Southern New South Wales geographical market in which they operate, Steve recognises the need for regional agencies to explore as much as possible within their constraints, improvements to process, systems, marketing and talent attraction to remain competitive.

Since returning to Albury Wodonga, Steve has observed that the usual channels to attract talent and market to prospects in the Employment Industry have changed. As their clients change, implement new systems and make other improvements to facilitate their growth, it’s vital that recruitment agencies consider (and consider investment of time and money in) ways to ensure you are current across all the business categories that matter and maybe even future-proof your business for a little while (it’s called continuous improvement for a reason!).

Recruitment Yarns Australia & New Zealand logo

Ready for some regional #LearnShareThrive?

How does Recruitment Yarns aim to help Regional Hubs?

Your budget might not extend to all the bells and whistles you think you need in order to compete with the big guns from the city; but you may not even need them if you have some savvy with understanding how to optimise your existing technology, finances, processes and standards. To facilitate and solidify growth, attract better talent and stay at the top of a highly competitive market, no-one can afford to put their head in the sand in these respects.

But what you CAN afford is a few hours to attend a FREE event especially designed for you to take improvement ideas and plans back to your region and keep driving the economic growth we all love and need!

Registrations for Recruitment Yarns are still open!

With our first leg completed and the next about to kick off, you’ve still got time to register for the following locations:

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