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Why my team are attending Recruitment Yarns NZ – Jonathan Rice, Rice Consulting

Why my team are attending Recruitment Yarns NZ – Jonathan Rice, Rice Consulting

Jonathan Rice is arguably one of the most successful Recruiters within the NZ Recruitment space, holding court in Auckland and Christchurch with a team of eight recruiters servicing the Rec2Rec, Internal Recruitment and HR Recruitment. Jonathan is renowned in the NZ market for being mover shaker and a lover of innovation as well as an influential blogger. Being the founder of Rice Consulting, Virtual RPO, Whiteboard blog and RicePowWow.

The Recruitment Yarns team caught up with Jonathan for a quick yarn on his background and why he & his team are attending Recruitment Yarns.

“Recruiters need to be on their game to attract talent, recruitment is now more than posting on jobs boards.”
Jonathan’s career in Recruitment started out working in the construction, resources, and mining recruitment areas in Australia and New Zealand in 2005. Jonathan always wanted to work for himself stating that he has always been entrepreneurial and running his own business felt like a natural choice and that he should have started Rice Consulting sooner!

Rice Consulting started in 2009-2010 post the recession, this was a test of Jonathan’s resilience. NZ got hit harder than Australia, and it was certainly a tough environment to start a business. Our Yarnster, Jonathan had a six-month-old son and his wife was pregnant with the second baby. Starting in the post-recession environment was exhilarating for Jonathan as failing wasn’t an option.


Jonathan mentioned also that market trends in New Zealand are affecting businesses in a highly competitive way. The trend of unemployment at 4.9% has been a concern in New Zealand, Recruiters finding talent and new roles/ business relationships harder to attract.

Jonathan’s hot tips for Recruiters in NZ 2017 include:

  1. Networking
  2. Get involved in your community
  3. Engage talent in out of the box ways
  4. Stay on top of your market


As start-up recruitment businesses are happening more regularly due to people being more confident and improvements in technologies. It is evident that starting a business in 2017, all you need is a laptop a phone and an internet connection. There’s a lot of people moving into boutique space. Advice for new business owners from Mr Rice consisted of stand out from the noise, be an expert, be passionate, move out of your home office ASAP and stay motivated! Jonathan post start-up moved from an Auckland bedroom moved to a shared office called Generator. The great vibe of other new entrepreneurs sharing a space was motivation for Jonathan to start billing faster, and grow his business into three offices with 8 employees, 6 years later.

Why Recruitment Yarns?

Jonathan said it was a no-brainer for his team to be attending. Rice Consulting live and breathe the Recruitment and HR industry, his team loves to network, get new ideas. The flow of cross-pollination with people from different businesses and new ideas from key industry professionals from New Zealand and Australia should benefit all recruiters. The Yarns concept appeals to me as collaboration is key for our industry. Having this opportunity in a Non -Sales environment hounded by suppliers and vendors is a perfect setting and given the feedback we have heard about Recruitment Yarns from our Australian friends, we are really looking forward to it.

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Ready for some regional #LearnShareThrive

How does Recruitment Yarns aim to help Regional Hubs?

Your budget might not extend to all the bells and whistles you think you need in order to compete with the big guns from the city; but you may not even need them if you have some savvy with understanding how to optimise your existing technology, finances, processes and standards. To facilitate and solidify growth, attract better talent and stay at the top of a highly competitive market, no-one can afford to put their head in the sand in these respects.

But what you CAN afford is a few hours to attend a FREE event especially designed for you to take improvement ideas and plans back to your region and keep driving the economic growth we all love and need!

Registrations for Recruitment Yarns are still open!

With our first leg completed and the next about to kick off, you’ve still got time to register for the following locations:

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