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Rec Tech Solutions – Recruitment systems scoping tool: an efficient and thorough needs analysis.

The Recruitment systems scoping tool is the most important step towards a successful upgrade of your agency’s CRM or recruitment management platform. This tool allows your team to analyse and clearly capture your organisation’s technology requirements.  Get started here!


Analysing and capturing needs is a critical step

Later in the project lifecycle, as the system is installed and configured, requirements (and further specification) are crucial for the team to follow during the implementation.

Terms like ‘specification’ can be intimidating and suggest weeks of effort by expensive consultants, however, our “Lite” scoping toolset (powered by Skop.es) makes the process efficient and cost effective.

Skop.es presents a checklist of all of the common functions of an RMS, laid out in an interactive and intuitive interface so you can quickly read and select the features relevant to your agency.

Why use Rec Tech Solutions – Skop.es (Lite)?

  • Quickly and efficiently analyse and capture your agency’s requirements
  • Enable the selection of the best fitting RMS platform
  • Get project support if budget allocation is required
  • Guide the implementation process
  • Support testing of the new system

How it works

Using the Recruitment Systems scoping tool is simple:

  1. Select the high-level areas of functionality your ideal system will support
  2. Drill into those areas to select individual features and functions that are required
  3. Input supporting information about your organisation and project
  4. We will send you an information rich report containing all your potential requirements

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