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The Recruitment Business is unique, and so is your data…

The reason selecting a new system is often a nail-biting experience is because you have worked hard on your business and once the choice has been made, you’ll be on your way to the future and improving your business – but we all know that this is not always how it works.

Amongst the excitement new technology brings, your data is often forgotten or not given enough attention. Data is vital in every single element of your business, though you may not realise it until you’re cut off from some (or all) of it – potentially paralysing your business, blowing out your project costs.

Reliable and Efficient Data Migration is easy with Rec Tech Data Migration Services

Rather than rely on your vendor and potentially absorb unpredictable associated costs and risks, leveraging a reliable team of experts with extensive relationships, knowledge and experience in Data Migration with a growing array of Recruitment Management System applications will save cost and time for your implementation. Through our Industry knowledge and by providing you a Statement of Work for each specific data migration requirement we are a proven partner offering you fixed costs based on agreed framework and timelines.

Our Three Step Approach – Saving you Time and Money

Powered by in-house Recruitment Data Experts, we will successfully migrate the source data from your client’s legacy application into your brand new or upgraded system. By partnering with you, we will
• Analyse the data and structure to be migrated from the legacy system and help you to understand how it will look in the new one
• Develop clear data mapping processes and build and maintain data migration scripts
• Run migration scripts and transfer source data into your application
• Support data migration testing phase and any modification that may be required during this phase to base migration script for your production go live migration phase


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