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What is ratescalc.com™?

Ratescalc.com™ has been designed to enable even the least administratively-gifted sales consultant to build accurate quotations. The creators of ratescalc.com™ are seasoned Recruitment industry professionals with 40 years combined experience, specifically in the “On Hire” and “Contractor Workforce” marketplaces. We also know that most people who work in sales capacity don’t have the skill set to safely and accurately interpret awards and agreements.Broken Calculator on White Background

Ratescalc.com™ tackles any issues that all Contemporary Workforce agencies experience in supporting their clients, by giving each user the ability to accurately price these scenarios anytime, anywhere, to both a Fixed Dollar, Gross Margin or Mark-Up: 

  • Casual/Temporary or Contingent Hourly rates
  • Casual/Temporary or Contingent Daily rates
  • Fixed Term/Permanent Hourly rates
  • Fixed Term/Permanent Daily rates
  • Shift work employees with fixed allowances
  • Shift work employees with variable allowances
  • Flat Rates for your contingent workforce hourly rates



Ratescalc.com™ has chosen to partner with Rec Tech solutions to take our product to market, given Col Levander’s depth of experience in Contingent and Contractor Workforce Management solutions.

Combined with Ratescalc.com‘s partnership with Secured Signing™, the digital signing platform underpinned by PKI encrypted digital security, the delivery of seamless and secure quote solution has never been simpler, ensuring all quotations sent to your clients are signed online – without the need for paper and scanning.

Dependent on the Recruitment Management System (RMS) or Applicant Tracing system that your business uses, some of this data-flow or storage of documentation may also be able to be saved within your operational system.

The Market Problems ratescalc.com solves


  • Designed to deliver process enhancement in some of the most common, error-prone areas of your business via a web service application available 24-7, 365 days a year:
  • Timely, accurate quotations available electronically to efficiently secure new business
  • Enhancement and consistency in your teams’ capabilities to provide accurate quotes
  • Stress free contractor, temporary, full time or fixed term employee pay runs (subject to accurate time-sheet interpretation)
  • Error free Client invoicing and payment (subject to accurate time-sheet interpretation) and reduction in costs of recovering unpaid invoices
  • Margin Leakage Reduction
  • Business Process Improvement – current awards, agreements, allowances and penalty rates are updated prior to the maturation date

(Specific Enterprise Agreements can be interpreted and loaded into your company’s instance for a small fee (Please see the ratescalc.com™ website for pricing and further details)

For more information about ratescalc.com™ please contact us @ 1800 732 832 or enquiries@rectechsolutions.com.au

Endorsment by Col Levander, CEO and Founder of Rec Tech Solutions

“The biggest issue that I have seen over the years working in sales in this industry is the fact that most people who work in sales capacity don’t have the skill set to safely and accurately interpret awards and agreements. As we well know, the “Devil is always in the detail” and many sales professionals simply miss components of the process that ultimately have the knock on effect of payroll errors. Unhappy temps and contractors, frustrated payroll teams and clients that are agitated by unnecessary internal pressure because invoices are incorrect will ultimately lead to a messy situation for everyone.

As a recruitment business owner in the past, I have written off unimaginable and unnecessary amounts of money due to these issues. Countless hours wasted in cross checking invoices to time sheets to job orders across the recruitment systems we were using at the time. I never put a cost to it to be honest but it has been huge over the years!

As an operational manager, constant review of margin exception reports and identifying margin leakage used to literally drive me crazy! Chasing debtors to meet my DSO targets which ultimately affected my team and my bonuses was also the knock on effect of poor pricing compliance.

Having a single resource to accurately quote your business is an industry first, and one that will clearly add great value. To think that the majority of Recruitment Management Systems in the market just simply cannot quote accurately, emphasizes the business need for this service. In defense of the software vendor, it is nearly impossible for them to stay abreast of this constantly moving target, as dynamic as our industry is, vendors are focused on other feature enhancements within their platforms. This is another world that we work in and it takes a unique blend of skills to understand it and meet regulatory compliance requirements.”