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Project expertise, in-a-box… Skop.es RMS Technology Selection

Powered by our “Global Industry First” software selection tool Skop.es, we have one motivation;   to align the most appropriate technology to your business requirements. We do this by employing an “agnostic” approach to the selection process of any technology platform.

Skopes coaches and guides its users through the three key areas necessary for a successful project set up:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement

Skop.es guides people through the essential (but otherwise dry and possibly intimidating) steps associated with a successful project set-up. It combines elegant user interfaces and some gamificaiton to support users and keep them engaged in the process.

It starts of simple and takes users on a journey building upon previous steps. It incorporates ‘jump off’ points at which users can opt-out and start conversations with system vendors. There is help at every step and peer / community based insights that act as guidance for decision making.


Take advantage of these FREE resources for your System Implementation journey



The Ultimate Recruitment Systems Buyers Guide

Recruitment System projects are exciting, but also intimidating.

Projects fail for many unexpected reasons.

Read our free, independent guide, and get your project off to the best possible start.




Recruitment System Requirements Builder

Skop.es Requirements Builder allows users to learn about a systems functionality.

It allows users to interact and explore the capabilities of a system, and put together a functional requirements list.



recruitment-system-requirements-viewer-interface-screenshotRecruitment System Requirements Viewer

The RMS Visualization tool presents the functionality that is commonly required by recruitment agencies in chart view.

This visual chart view can also be used to begin documenting your own projects functional requirements



skopes-critical-success-factorsSystem Implementation Critical Success Factors Checker

The success factor checker tool has been created to highlight the factors that determine project success and failure.

It asks some simple questions that help you re-focus your attention on these factors.




Skop.es Videos

Webinars and Demonstrations featuring video walk throughs that describe some of the core uses and benefits of the Skop.es application